Every light carries the ray of hope.

Shine for Suzan was created on behalf of Suzan Kebassa who passed away in fall of 2015. The goal was to give back to the community and bring light to strong, individual women who struggle in life but inspire others at the same time. The Shine for Suzan program presents complimentary makeovers to strong, inspirational women who are facing life challenges so that they can be encouraged, recognized and given the opportunity to shine.


Suzan Kabessa was a loving mother, sister and a friend. One of Suzan’s many passions in life was to help bring people together; she brought people together by simply doing what she did best: cooking, baking and hosting gatherings. Her house was always full of family, friends and even strangers who she always opened her heart to unconditionally. However, more than anything, Suzan’s house was always full of happiness, life and full stomachs.



Who can nominate?

You can nominate a family member, friend or even yourself. Shine for Suzan was created as a way to give back to the community – to recognize and encourage strong women who are struggling but who still continue to push forward despite their challenges. Shine for Suzan aims to bring light back into the lives of these strong women and give them the opportunity to shine. Are you, a friend or a family member facing challenges? Tell us your story!

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