What they're saying

“The first time I met Liraz was at her masterclass in Toronto, just by talking and listening to her once she had inspired and intrigued me so much that I knew I had to join the academy. This was my path to success and achieving my dreams. After I joined I realized that it was so much more then I thought it would be. Not only did she teach me how to be a professional, successful Makeup Artist and took the true artist out of me but she also taught me how to be the best version of myself. If it wasn't for Liraz I would not be where I am today in my professional and personal life. She has become my inspiration, motivation and furthermore my family. Even after graduating if I have any questions or concerns, she is always there to answer and give advice on future plans. I can always count on her to be there and she always has the back of her girls! She is also always giving work to all her graduates. One of the things with liraz is with her you will never stop learning and I absolutely love that. Thank you Mama for being YOU and doing everything you do! Thank you for unconditional love and support! Thank you for becoming my true family! It is my absolute pleasure and I couldn't be happier to have her and the girls in my life.“

By Tara Maisha

"After the first time Liraz did my makeup (for my 30th birthday) as I was about to leave her studio, I told her, she would do my make up for my wedding day, no questions asked! I never ended up doing a trial with her, because I trust her so much.

Liraz provided make-up for myself, my mother and my sister. I couldn’t have been happier with the results, and I know everyone else was equally satisfied.  I was so calm all morning because I knew I was in such great hands. Our makeup looked great all night long with minimal touch-up of lipstick. I even kept the eye makeup on through the next day.. it was just too pretty!

I can’t recommend Liraz enough, she is so talented at her craft and you can tell she really passionate about what she does. If you’re thinking of booking Liraz, act TODAY before she gets booked up!"

By Adi Perets

“The experience I had when I attended the Makeup  by Liraz academy was like no other. I had such a positive, inspiring and encouraging learning opportunity. What I admire the most about Liraz’s academy was that she customized a program specific to my needs, celebrating my strengths and helping my weaknesses become just another one of my strengths. Liraz’s enthusiasm and artistry made each class so fun and enjoyable. Having that one on one time with her helped me become a better artist and helped me figure out my career path more clearly. Liraz’s academy was a hands on, in-class course, therefore, I was able to learn to my fullest potential by asking all the questions I needed as well as practicing on two models with various skin types and/or skin concerns, skin textures, skin tones, mature skin as well as clear young skin a day. What I really loved the most about Liraz’s academy was that she did not just educate us on the world of makeup, but she also provided me with the business and social media side of makeup artistry that we will need to carry onto our career as a successful makeup artist. Liraz made sure that we were fully comfortable with what we learned and she made sure that we did not leave any class confused or left any questions unsaid. She was always there helping us, guiding us and always providing us with encouragement. She is not just an educator, she is a coach, a mentor, an inspiration and most importantly, a friend. During the academy as well as once you graduate, she will be right by your side still encouraging you to strive for the best, celebrating your achievements and accomplishments as well as give you the support and help in any way you might need. One thing that I am forever thankful for is meeting Liraz and attending her academy, this experience is not your average makeup education course, this academy is a family, and we are all here for one another. Once you graduate this academy you are not on your own, you are surrounded by love, happiness and encouragement by Liraz and her prior students forever. I made the right decision by attended the academy and I wouldn’t trade the Makeup by Liraz Academy for anything.”

By Tiziana Gulizia

“Liraz and her team are beyond sensational ! My day was booked accordingly with my hair team. No mix ups, my morning ran so smoothly I was not even a tad stressed. I knew we were all in wonderful hands. My makeup looked exactly the way my trial was . Which I absolutely loved! My bridal party were beyond happy with the finished product as well ! I continue to look back on our photos until this day with pleasure of how we all looked! 

Thank you Liraz and team for everything you did!” 

By Sonya Gilmour

“Makeup by Liraz academy- is my second home. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.  She has become my life mentor! Liraz not only provided me with all the tools and knowledge I needed to become the makeup artist I wished for, she also guided me throughout the past 3 years after I graduated. 

Liraz is an incredible teacher who educated me about makeup, the industry, and what needs to be done in order to be a successful makeup artist/ person.”

By Dikla Tysver

“My confidence on my wedding day was over the roof after I had the spectacular talented Liraz put on my make up for the big day! She made sure everything was perfect even when I thought she was done she was adding all these final details and touches that made such a difference in the overall look! I really appreciated that Liraz listened to me and got to know my makeup style and what I want to stay clear from. She came to my house so prepared and ready to rock and roll. Always with a beautiful smile and great energy. I expected to have a ball of emotions and feeling overwhelmed, Liraz just knew how to make the morning so fun and joyful. There isn’t another makeup artist I could ever wish for the big day!”

By Stephanie Lerner